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About our Store

Welcome to the new Centro Legal Works online store!

Once you have registered with our store you will have full access to the all the products, services and information. Coming back is quick and easy by using our "Quick Login" which only requires an email address and password. Note, for security purposes the username and password you create for the Store will be separate from the main Centro site.

Navigating this Store

This section of the site (the Store) allows you to place orders for all of our products and services. The navigation to the left provides a listing of all the categories of the products and services. For more information on a product or service click any one of the top menu items in grey which will take you the main Centro Legal Works site. You can also click the 'Back to Main' link in the footer section of this page.

My Account

This provides a central location to manage your orders, payments and other information all in one place. You can review and change quantities, print invoices or change billing or shipping addresses. It maintains a history of all orders placed on your account. To review your account settings now, click 'My Account'.

Payment Options

You now have the option to pay online using Visa or MasterCard. If you wish to pay using an American Express Card, PayPal or another type, select 'PayPal' from the payment options and you will be provided with additional payment types. A PayPal account is not required!

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: 416.599.4040 or 1.877.239.6616

Thank you for visiting!