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**Price increases coming May 1st, 2018

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Our Price: $120.00

Ontario Corporate Microfiche
Copies of Ontario Articles - Microfiche
Our Price: $39.55

Copies of Ontario Articles from the Corporate Microfiche.  The Microfiche takes a up to 5 business days to arrive.  The documents are converted to PDF and emailed.
Ontario Corporate Search Packages
Ontario Corporate Search Packages

Order any combination of a Profile Report, Document List, Business Name List, Certificate of Status, or copies of articles for on an Ontario Corporation.
Ontario Corporate Profile Report
Ontario Corporate Profile Report
Our Price: $37.38

The Corporate Profile Report will display the following: current status of corporation, registered office and mailing address, names and addresses of officers and directors, an indication of any active or expired business names registered to the corporation. Some historical information on corporate name history and amalgamations will also be included.

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Ontario Certificate of Status
Our Price: $55.38
Mark Maker Seal
Our Price: $56.95